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Glenn Clark
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Founder of "The Camps Farthest Out"

A man who, without being himself a recognized New Thought leader, has been highly influential in introducing New Thought ideas and techniques into the churches, was Glenn Clark. A Presbyterian, reared in the church, teaching in a Presbyterian college, and teaching also a Sunday School class in his home church of St. Paul. For thirty years he was a professor of literature and athletic coach at Macalester College, A Presbyterian liberal arts college in St. Paul, Minnesota, where a Department of Creative Living was established for him.

He was deeply religious and something of a mystic, a great believer in prayer. He first came into prominence through an article in the Atlantic Monthly, "The Soul's Sincere Desire" He began to be much in demand as a speaker in the churches and in summer camps. In 1930 he organized a summer camp of his own in Koronis, Mn., to which he gave the name "Camp Fathest Out." Here for a period, amidst pleasant surroundings, a group of congenial and serious-minded people met for a season of fellowship, relaxation, and spiritual renewal, under the direction of Dr. Clark and others of somewhat similar views. In 1942 he resigned from his position at the College to give all his time to helping others discover this integration of body, mind and spirit in God.

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Through a series of experiences told in his autobiography, A Man's Reach, he had been brought to an unusual interest in prayer, and it became his major concern and emphasis. It set him to reading especially the works of the mystics and about them and their approach to God. Among the books he read was Life Understood by Frank Rawson, a onetime Christian Scientist who had been expelled from the church, and went on to becom an influential leader of New Thought in England. The thing that attracted Clark to Rawson, he says, was that "he believed one's prayers could be just as scientifically infallible as the laws of physics and chemistry." Rawson came to Minneapolis and Clark heard him, and later talked with him personally.

A group in the Twin Cities met weekly to study Rawson's book. It included chiefly members of the orthodox churches, but also an active New Thought follower and a teacher of Christian Science. On meeting, the group would go into a Quaker silence, trying to feel the presence of God. Then the leader would read a list of names of people to be prayed for, and the members of the group would use the technique of denials and affirmations. He discovered, he writes, "that all Mankind was One, and if we cleared our own mind, the trouble of the one we prayed for would disappear. One strong denial and a number of positive affirmations seemed to be the most effective way to clear our minds."

This was, of couse, good metaphysical practice, employed by both Christian Science and New Thought, and Glenn Clark unhestitatingly adopted it and carried it into his own ministry and teaching. One finds again and again in his writings whole paragraphs that might have been found in any of the better New Thought writers' books. His favorite of all the New Thought writers was Walter Lanyon, and Clark's own books bear many similarities to those of Lanyon.

New thought people regarded him as one who spoke their language. He was a welcome visitor at the headquarters of New Thought in Washington. The INTA Bulletin reported that he met with a dozen teachers and workers and that all were uplifted by this time together and sustained "in our realization of the active power of concerted constructive thought and prayer." He spoke at the International New Thought Alliance Congress held in Minneapolis in 1939, and appeared again at the San Francisco Congress where he spoke on "Our Responsibility toward World Peace."

In 1956 he resigned his position as Director of the Camps Farthest Out, and two months later stepped into the heavenly world and still larger service. But before leaving, he worked with members of the Camps in organizing the National Association of Camps Farthest Out of North America, subsequently shortened to the present name, Association of Camps Farthest Out Inc. The World was ready for prayer and God used a man who believed with all his heart and mind in the power of prayer to change mankind and therefore the world. Glenn Clark was a channel for carrying the Water of Life, through the Camps Farthest Out, to the spiritually thirsty of the land.

As one of the most widely published authors on the life of prayer in the 20th century and founder of the "Camps Farthest Out" movement, Glenn Clark has left an unforgettable mark on the spiritual life of our day. He has influenced all kinds of people -- the sick at heart, the discouraged, the unchurched, and those who were angry at the church. Through such books as The Soul's Sincere Desire, I Will Lift Up Mine Eyes, and many others, Glenn Clark enriched the lives of millions.

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The Soul's Sincere Desire

The Secret of Power in Business

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Man's Reach
Man Who Talks With Flowers
I Will Lift Up Mine Eyes
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The Man Who Tapped the Secrets of the Universe

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